Cyber Crime: An attempt to conduct crimes by criminals for achieving their illegal ends using electronic devices with skill.

So, you think your computer, mobile phone filled with apps is the best thing you own? Does one actually take the time to protect it? It all starts with cleaning out the spider webs and adding in Anti-Virus to ensure your device has at least minimal protection. Yet, is there a guarantee that your apps are not being attacked by stalkers and hackers?

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Other than making new income streams, digital and cyber security is crucial for organisations to keep their customers happy and stay ahead of their competitors. Without a doubt, numerous companies are digitising their organisation and making new front-end stages to draw nearer to their clients – that requires a sharp spotlight on conveying extremely solid cyber security.

It is very simple to tap a misleading connection, share inappropriate content via web-based networking media, or download a suspicious application. Probably the greatest hazard today is ransomware, a kind of malware that can bolt a client or even an association out of a PC or system. Urban communities, for example, Dubai has also experienced ransomware attacks. A Dubai-based contracting firm has been left disabled in the wake of being bolted out of its own PC frameworks by a programmer, who was demanding an undisclosed amount in bitcoins to get the PCs ready for action once more.

October is universally perceived as Cyber Security Awareness Month with an emphasis on advising people in general about digital and cyber security. To help bolster this significant crusade and to accentuate the role that cyber security plays in the present progressively advanced world, e-Mal is dedicated in highlighting cyber security especially during the time of October through our social media, websites, blogs and the app, which is readily available in PlayStore/Appstore with loads of services.

Our focus includes:

  • Improve the understanding and awareness of cyber risk at the executive and board level.
  • Prepare for the likely eventuality that they will suffer a debilitating attack.
    Work closely with the business to identify and assess the risks, goals and solutions for cyber security.
  • There are no convenient solutions to getting to be digital strong. The journey will require some investment, assets and persistence, and it will require the attention to have an option to challenge the choices made by the business, and it will require the business to be ‘in the number one spot’.

We should likewise recollect that the open doors made through a solid digital position and vigorous controls are massive and essential to future development.

Estonian cybersecurity company Hacken, certified e-Mal’s iOS and Android apps as highly secure since no vulnerabilities and loopholes were found. The app was given a score of 10/10 by the Consultant’s Cyber Security team.

There are innumerable reasons why this new version of the e-Mal app is more secure. To know these reasons, we highly recommend you to download the app and e-Mal now.

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