With diversity comes prosperity – The story of e-Mal

The UAE has built up its stature as a leading country in spreading the benefits of giving and serene concurrence among communities and a driver of cooperation, resistance, and discourse between religions around the globe. Shaikh Bin Bayyah said the sixth edition of the Forum for Promoting Peace in Muslim Societies would address tolerance and role of religions in spreading the values of peaceful coexistence between communities, tolerance, and constructive interaction between people of different religious traditions.

Sheikh Abdullah bin Bayyah said the visit Pope Francis will pay to the UAE in February is yet another sign that the UAE is welcoming and tolerant of all religions and a leader in interfaith dialogue.

In 2019, we will endeavour to establish this value and lead the intellectual, media and research production movements to reaffirm this value in the UAE and beyond.

The magnitude of diversity in the country, which has welcomed people from around 200 nations living side by side in harmony, is considered not only a source of pride for the UAE but its pillar of strength also. With culture at the core, diversity enriches all aspects of civilisation. Strong nations benefit more from diversity as they have no fear of diluting their own identity.

On the contrary, any visitor or expat in the UAE can easily recognise how the diversity of its population enhances Emirati national identity. For that matter, tolerance is not confined to accepting others who follow a different religion from yours. It covers all aspects of human activity: Tolerance in business by adopting fair competition, tolerance in politics by respecting the diversity of views.

In the UAE tolerance is not measured by the tens of churches, temples, synagogues and other centers of faith that exist along with the many mosques, but it is seeded in the law of the land. For example, slandering anybody or even defaming them on social media is punishable by a fine and imprisonment in the UAE. Nationals have absolutely no privileges over expats in that regard. All are equal under the law.

In brief, you can easily enjoy tolerance if you are in the UAE. Also, you can see signs of it outside the country in many initiatives and actions aided by the country in all corners of the globe. The Year of Tolerance is another step on the road of stability and prosperity for the UAE.

All it takes is a walk down the street or a visit to a restaurant to see just how multicultural the UAE is. One of the few places around the world where cultures collide into one,  the country features an everyday sight of Filipinos, Indians, Russians, and Sudanese all working together under one roof. So with that diversity comes tolerance.

Our team comprises of nationals from USA, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Philippines, UAE and UK. We work together really hard to signify stability, create an atmosphere for converging, understanding the values of caring and sharing to enhance the spirit of coexistence.

As said by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, we truly believe in the fact that “There is no future for this region without intellectual restructuring that consolidates the values of tolerance, pluralism, and acceptance of others intellectually, culturally and regardless of their communal and religious backgrounds.”


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