When it comes to payment options, consumers are discerning about where and how much they pay. These users are also extremely aggressive in seeking out value and discount. They are also bombarded with various promotions – many irrelevant yet they have lots of choices.

Using a simple scan and pay option, using mobile phones or smart watches these days, consumers can easily pay at various stores across the UAE. These new payment options are indeed witnessing a major growth and are poised to make a difference in UAE. But the pertinent question remains, are all the Digital wallets in this country beneficial for the customers and also the merchants?

Our FinTech opportunities in UAE:

  • Encouraging investment in the UAE.
  • Promoting prosperity beyond the UAE.
  • Promoting growth and employment enhancing policies in the UAE.
  • Promoting macroeconomic and fiscal stability in the UAE.
  • Improving the efficient functioning of the local economy and outside investment.

e-Mal is the infrastructure and platform which bridges the gaps while making sure that today’s digital economy runs with green and eco-friendly initiatives.

Return on Investment

To provide the best payment mode for the users, e-Mal users have multiple top-up and cash out options apart from holding fiat or multiple digital currencies. This app provides a host of financial services like currency transfer, lending, bill payments, cards and other normal banking products in their digital wallets. The point is not to give too many irrelevant functionality but to deliver a seamless customer experience linked with the app.

With smartphones becoming an integral part of everyday life, people are always looking for more convenient ways to conduct their business on the go. e-Mal offers users a seamless and  secure digital system that allows them to settle financial transactions from any location – Yasmine Khan, CEO.

Our service is for all. e-Mal provides secure and faster transactional services to migrants and working professionals, where majority of them are expats living in the UAE along with millennials and retailers.

Customer expectations

With various strategic alliances, as a result of the seamless transfer of eFatoora’s ethos and vision to e-Mal will bridge the gaps between local and foreign transactions; enhancing interconnectivity; promoting e-Commerce, and together making Dubai the first fully fledged Smart Economy where the society is included in the Digital Financial Ecosystem.

The accessibility of advanced digital medium, for example, all the portable applications implies users’ desires of how they cooperate with this digital evolution. e-Mal is stepping to increase the digital wallet share of the tech savvy users. e-Mal’s app version 3.0 is live, with a perfect security score of 10.

The e-Mal Ecosystem

All this comes as the ecosystem for mobile wallets is well entrenched in the UAE, which boasts one of the highest penetration rates of smartphones in the world, according to the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority.

Proactive government approaches have been vital in structuring a digital culture in the UAE and wiping out a large number of the boundaries to turning into a cashless society. Digital business and cashless instalments were recognised as top government needs in UAE Vision 2021.

The Benefits

  • Allows customers to pay in both digital and fiat currencies
  • Increased payment options for newer revenue streams
  • Customer segment and experience enhancement
  • No processing delays and lower transaction fees using the speed of blockchain
  • Growing Customer base by using our partner network
  • Providing customers with a value for service
  • Faster payments and enhanced distribution channel
  • Going paperless to support UAE Vision 2021

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