Celebrate Lost Penny Day e-Mal Way!

When you consider it, pennies are a genuine annoyance. They’re little and apparently practically useless, and in spite of putting them securely in your wallet or handbag, they generally appear to end up hindering the channel on your laundry, descending the sides of the pads on your most loved easy- chair. The pertinent question remains. Is this the wallet you want to store those pennies in?

By the way, 12th February every year, we can set aside the opportunity to get together those regularly meandering coins and accomplish something progressively helpful with them that we, for the most part, do by giving them to a charity.

Lost Penny Day is the ideal day to pause for a minute to perceive that regardless of the way that pennies may not appear as though they are worth much, they can, in any case, be found and used to help those in need to whom every single penny tallies and adds up.

Lost Penny Day is the ideal time to go through your home — your couch, the pockets of old coats you haven’t worn in a long time, and every alcove and crevice you can consider — so as to discover the same number of pennies (or spare change through and through) as could be allowed. If you have youngsters, you could even transform the inquiry into a detailed diversion, a challenge to see who can locate the most. When you’ve flipped around your home, it will be an ideal opportunity to check up the majority of the change you and your family members have found, and see who won.

The fun doesn’t stop there, however. The following stage is to choose how to manage the cash you’ve found, and this very day could be an opportunity. Regardless of whether it is just a couple of dirhams or fils, as they say — every single penny (and in our case, fils) matter.

Celebrate it e-Mal way! Instead of keeping them back in your wallet, you could store them in our digital wallet app, the e-Mal wallet. You could in return use it in our app to pay bills, recharge mobile plans, and even better — donate to a local charity.

e-Mal Digital Wallet App is your single point access to all financial and utility services in the e-Mal ecosystem. Users have multiple top-up and cash out options, hold fiat or multiple digital currencies, with a host of financial services like currency transfer, lending, bill payments, cards, and other regular banking products in their wallets. The e-Mal Digital Wallet gives ultimate freedom to the user and indeed bridges gaps between global banking and financial services and the unbanked population worldwide.

TL;DR: e-Mal Digital wallet is now live.

Download at:

iOS: https://apple.co/2O21j3v

Android: https://goo.gl/MVx3Lm

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e-Mal Website(2019) Available at: www.e-mal.ae

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Days Of The Year (2019), “Lost Penny Day” Available at:https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/lost-penny-day/

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